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Hello: I'm New!
23-02-2017, 10:22 PM (This post was last modified: 23-02-2017 10:36 PM by RubyWine.)
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Hello: I'm New!
I've recently came across this forum since I've started having readings on Psychic Sofa and some other sites. I've been in a bad place in the last 18 months since my ex husband parted ways and learnt September he met a woman and formed a relationship with her. Since then I have been having lots of readings, sometimes 2 or 3 in a day as I'm going through a rough time. Psychic Sofa is the main company I've used, had some good n' bad readers on there.
Few that have so-far come to pass >>>>

*Anna 4319* with the red hairSmile I got the job that felt right like she predicted, even to the time scale. Her guidance was good yet love predictions are still pending.
*Lucky* Read with him in September. Suffered from insomnia around those depressive twilight hours. I noticed him logged on, and he got my situation re: my ex hubby/personality traits etc. He also was able to confirnm that I had de-friended my hubby on facebook because he posted a picture of a lady and updated his status as being in a relationship. He also made 2 more predictions that are still pending.
*David* I connected to this guy. He works without tools and some crystals. He validated perfectly and has made a few predictions for the coming months.
*Dominic* This guy is straight to the point, again predictions pending.
*Jupiter* I recently spoke with this lady. She reads mainly by cards and gave me an accurate, honest reading which helped me understand my difficult situation better. She does not sugar coat.
*Grace Marie* I liked, direct and seemed honest and to the point.Told me 'an ex is an ex for a reason', predicted I would meet a new guy in a few months.
*Amie Rose* I had a reading with her before xmas. I liked her, validated 100%. She uses Angel cards combined with her messages from her guides. She also predicted through her guides that I would meet a new guy.
*Caroline* Had a lovely reading with her, she picked up loads of stuff which was accurate. She also told me I'd meet a new guy. Will wait for the predictions to come in.
*Tess* Can't forget her. Picked up things in my life straight away and even other people around myself & ex hubby. She has helped me a lot & opened my eyes to something that I had been burying my head in the sand over.

The readers who have given me wrong predictions>>>>>

= Jodie 'Wow' this lady can sure validate that I had no doubt in my mind that my ex hubby would be back at xmas with the mistletoe & wine Heart as she predicted. Told me that we would have the most fantastic xmas of bliss together. No such luck, he spent it with his new lady, pics plastered all over facebk.
= Asha She made me feel better, validations were general. Predicted that my ex would not last with his new lady before the year was out. Unfortunately my ex is more in love than ever with his new love.
= Valentine She was very pleasant and gently spoken and what she told me was right but again, predicted a reunion with my ex that should have happened in Dec - it never did.. dissapointed.
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