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Am I Having Visions?
02-03-2017, 07:42 AM
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Am I Having Visions?
Am I Having Visions?

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Date: 2017-02-26
Country: United States
State: Connecticut
Category: Visions / Trances / Altered States

I'm sorry if this is weird, but I'm on a psychic experiences website so it's probably ok. For the past year I've been having what I call "episodes". I thought they were a mental illness symptom because I have depression and anxiety, but my therapist isn't sure what they are. I'm hit with an odd feeling, and then for a few seconds I see something. Once I was at a shop (I think a pet shop) and I worked there (not like I myself, but I was looking through the eyes of a worker) and my coworker, a girl, was angry at me. Another time I was in a group and embarrassed and one of the boys in my group was making fun of me (for some reason it felt like a real life D&D campaign, like we're going on a mission and the teasing is really not that mean). Lately it's been the same tiny snippet of him saying something, too quick to know what.

There's a lot more but I've forgotten them and some are too fast to catch. It's like looking through someone else's eyes for just one moment. I never remember faces, but I remember backgrounds, like the shop has lavender things and the sky is blue when the boy is talking. It only lasts a few seconds, less than a second sometimes, then it's over and I feel nauseous, and everything feels unreal for a few minutes, and I can have a headache for hours after. My friend said they might be visions, but if so they aren't prophetic. Nothing like them has happened. Am I crazy? Can anyone tell me what I'm seeing? I've read about similar stuff on here, I just want an answer.
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02-03-2017, 02:25 PM
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RE: Am I Having Visions?
I feel you are seeing glimpses of past lives.It is a form of regression.Go to someone
like a hypnotherapist.They might be able to help you.
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