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4 Years
23-04-2017, 11:50 PM
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4 Years
Hello everyone,

I have been on the psychic roundabout for years, learning to curb my need for things after so much disappointment but I want people out there to realize just how much waiting and having readings affects our day to day living.
I have been very silly, I am an adult, a grown up who became addicted to readings when I first had one and they appeared to pick up everything about me with no prompting.

Yes! I have had amazing predictions happen from some amazing psychics. But the end results never eventuated in love. NEVER!!!!

I first started reading about a man who was a friend, who couldnt live without me, every single psychic told me we would be together. We have not spoken now for 18 months and it is unlikely I will ever see him again or hear from him. Sadly a psychic predicted him coming into my life by name 10 years before he did but hey! we all make mistakes. I put my life on hold, thinking this man was my great love and if 189 psychics (joke) said it was going to happen well it must be about to happen any day.

Then I finally let someone else in, stupid me started having reading on this man who apparently was going to fall for me hook line and sinker. Well it was short lived and caused me so much sadness again that I decided that enough was enough.

I seem to be the target for men who have a problem with emotions haha! well them's the breaks.

What I am saying here is I stopped living for a long time, my spare money was used on psychic readings and again stopped me living as I had no money.
I had my last reading yesterday, with a reader I know has predicted dates and times in the past so well, but when I got off the phone my doubt was so huge I realised that the hundred pounds the reading added up too was not worth it, he fed me a fairytale that wasnt going to happen because I know deep down inside that this man i wanted to come back to me is not good for me and therefore I should be the one that if he comes back tell him to get lost.

Love is not inside a psychic reading, love is there, it should be shown by anyone that you want to be loved by and if it is not then it is not true. We can hear all the excuses in the world from psychics, but living in the now and what we are being given by the person of our interest is what is real. Live with it, grieve it and move on. I want to feel love from someone, not hope that they can make me feel wanted. I deserve that.

Some readers over the last 4 years have predicted dates and actions and events to a t, but that doesnt change the end result. I have read with Faith, Christian Martin, psychicwill, Hazel, Michael Ryan and many many others going back to Netty.

Not one got it right, but each and everyone of these got predictions right along the way and lots of them. Please ladies and gentlemen, live your life, stop waiting for someone to show you love and find it yourself. It is not enough to show someone else you love them, we each deserve to feel that love ourselves.
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24-04-2017, 08:25 AM
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RE: 4 Years
Thankyou that is such a great post I enjoyed reading it .
I think a lot will resginate with it on here a truefull post from the heart .
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24-04-2017, 09:19 AM
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RE: 4 Years
from hello spot on I have read myself with faith she is fab sugar coats though, but no end result, it is just a vicious circle along with a waiting game......
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