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Cord cutting, let go of ex
08-06-2017, 11:31 PM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2017 11:35 PM by PurpleShimmer3.)
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Cord cutting, let go of ex
Does anyone have any experience of cord cutting? Breaking links with an ex?
I still have strong feelings and attachments and it's really bothering me lately.

I know logically he is no good and I know day to day I have come along a massive journey of getting over things and finding my own life again.

What is troubling me the most though is the constant dreams, they are very "real" and they often bring me to tears for 2/3 days afterwards. He is always in my thoughts without even thinking! Like just that sense of him being around but obv he is not.

I think it's time I got some help to break this bond somehow. I just have no idea where to start: we have always been linked psychically I feel and we now share the loss of a baby too, obviously this will never be forgotten. But how do I stop these vivid dreams? It's really upsetting and I kind of want to cleanse him away if that makes sense?

Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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09-06-2017, 08:10 PM
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RE: Cord cutting, let go of ex
Hi there!
I'd firstly like to say i'm so sorry to hear of your loss and your current circumstances in regards to your ex, it's courageous of you to be talking about this on here so i'll try and help you best I can. In regards to myself, I have had some experience in the past but via my own as I was googling soulmate connections and etc and tried to do it myself (i.e visulisations, etc) as i'd had enough at that time. I read a few articles but one I remember most was a 'how to do' article about it on Keen, so if you haven't had a look already - i'd say try there or foreverconcious, but tbh, whether I wasn't doing it right or it needs to be done professionally, it didn't work for me since me and my soulmate are still very much connected and it's just reconfirmed every time we meet up and talk in a group with our mutual friends - of course without us even meaning to. I was thinking of trying cord cutting via a psychic if that's what you're after but i'm still in doubts in regards to my own situation as he'll never fully be apart from my life anyway and I believe he's still also here due to unfinished business we have as well so i'm not sure how effective cord cutting would be if that person is supposed to remain in your life for a little longer. That being said I know the pain of still dreaming of them and being very attached in every way so I still think it's worth a try because every situation is different and you more than deserve to be free indeed. Depending on how things go I may try cord cutting by a psychic anyway and let you know how it goes - whether that works or not is another thing, otherwise I hope your situation improves soon enough and maybe meeting someone else can help break those links with your ex if anything else doesn't work? Sending love and healing your way![/align][align=left]
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