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The Shaoguang passes quietly
24-09-2011, 08:09 AM
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The Shaoguang passes quietly
The Shaoguang passes quietly away years of youth and beauty, but never returned. Term of the world feeling helpless. And to retain only the memories will have moved quietly placed in my heart, to become independent of their own warmth.In the long course of years, so I, a devout guarding lonely, look at getting older time, allow sequential flow of flowers, lush green to pale so sad, with Fallen flowers fly straight into the heart of Hong residue, no matter how melancholy full There is a saying, alone Mo lean on a railing, and the wind rustling, drizzly rain, she explains dream ever drunkYou know, I rely on the state of mind is how to talk, alone guarding the compound which has fragrant, watching time slip from the fingers of a man, willingly, without complaint, willful and persistent guarding, guarding that part que es pandora their agreement, until the end of time, whether this is a sad thing, or a helplessStop, stick with the initial move, really afraid of a turn, lost that contract, also lost share fond memories of fear, and thus has very thick Danyue Shuyun, until the eyes blurred, I do not know what evening, evening, until pale face, difficult to appeal a thousand words choked in the throat, silent cry.Looking
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