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Rune Soup
21-09-2017, 10:24 AM
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Rune Soup
Rune Soup is a blog about magic. It is also a podcast about magic, which you should definitely subscribe to. It is also a lively and informative Facebook page about magic, which you should definitely join.

Clearly that's something of a broad church -perhaps the broadest- so if we were to take it down a level we could say Rune Soup is about practical sorcery, entheogens, synchronicities, UFOs, 'alternative' history, career guidance, graphic novels, the future of media, probability, divination. There's even a post about Nicki Minaj here somewhere.

There's a strong chaos magic inflection to the whole thing because there is no part of me that is on trend or fashionable. (My wardrobe looks like the lost and found box in a poorly-managed hospital.)
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