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Positive/Negative Energy and why not stick to thread topic! list of goodvsbad for me
25-01-2018, 11:31 AM (This post was last modified: 25-01-2018 12:30 PM by moomins.)
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Positive/Negative Energy and why not stick to thread topic! list of goodvsbad for me
This is a statement and not really a question. Just my thoughts! ConfusedAngelAngelConfusedExclamationIdeaIdea

After coming on to this forum and being a member for just a few weeks, I have found this to be true. You all breed negativity! The truth is people have readings and maybe or maybe not it will come true. However, other members instead of just commenting like a review and say yes or no good for me or not, the thread goes completely off topic.
most of you rant on how toxic and bad psychics are and then continue to have readings, and to be fair I have been guilty myself after reading negative reviews on here, panicked, then wanted another reading to confirm what the previous reader has said, instead of letting a reading play out.
( I started to moan and push my negativity on others and got obsessive but i believe its these threads, and how they make you feel. Enough is enough and i'm glad I realized this a month into my reading spurt. dont doubt your situation just because of others situations.

Now what i'm saying is, I'm a believer in positive thoughts and manifestation and some of the forum members do (unintentionally) put people in a negative mind space which then voids the manifestation. For instance you can have an amazing reading and feel amazing after and think this is going to happen. With this mindset, positive things do happen. You then come on here for validation and guess what the psychic you connected so well with, didnt connect with a certain person and they are absolutely gutted, they impose their negative experience and then boooooomm you either don't believe in yourself and the reading and the outcomes swing in a different direction or get pushed back because of negative thinking.

I believe in the power of manifestation and affirmations, a few on you-tube is brilliant. check out Lisa Beachey make a wish affirmation (tried it numerous times and its worked. also Jake Ducey is great, anyway there is loads to look at and really put people in a different happier mind set.

Also for contact. take a purple plate on your table. light a candle or not, depending on if you need a focal point to concentrate on. put a picture of you and the guy or just the guy on the plate face down for 15 mins and then let it go for 1. repeat. do it as many times or as little as you want but remember to let it go for that 1 minute. no negative thinking just let it go to the universe.

Post a letter asking what you want unnamed and pop it in the letter box. that's you actually letting go of what your asking and manifesting in the letter. works the same. some people burn the letter. its the letting go that counts.
(my point in reading and time scales, if you had 1 reading and they validated well of course and said 2 weeks contact for instance, if you think positively like you have already received that contact and you know its coming, the energy shifts and you will probably get what you desire. if you doubt and have another reading which they say different, you get confused and doubt the first reading, and boom timing gets put back.

Anyway I kind of hope i've made myself clear on what i'm trying to get across, I mean no disrespect to anyone, just in hope that someone might read my thread and agree and let go of any negative comments, thoughts and hope it then brings forward more positive outcomes.


Also i get some readers do specific predictions like you will be gifted a kitten for instance, and you do and that is a gift. doesn't mean all readers can read that way and alot can be down to interpretation. For example a reader might be able to pick up on whats going on around a person and think oh i feel the negative energy because you've just had a full blown row and predict your never going to hear from that person again because of that energy or becuase they are away at the moment and feel distance, rubbish reader or lazy will interpret that badly or.. they could pick up interference, but without looking into it more deeply, you might find its work interference. you have to take responsibility in the interpretation, with your gut in what they have picked up on, don't hold on to their opinions just because they have drawn your name and his name in different sizes and gone from there. hope this helps anyone.

(by the way i'm not a reader. just spent loads of money and found it due to this forum and my insecurities and i really didn't need too)

However, readers that are good for me.
Psychic will PS prediction happened
crystal PS pending
San PS pending
Kesa PS prediction happened
star clair PS prediction happened and pending
shari PS prediction happened
donna the circle
maryrose the circle
david PS prediction happened
Thomas PS (big ben)
Ricky ps prediction happened
alexander ps
sabrina ps
sam ps
nikki PS
melinda PS
anna ps picked up extremely well on person.

readers that were bad for me
eva marie (pending, feel like she picks up very well. so may change view)
jane (felt she picked up well and said somethings, names and features, but interpretation of what she got was wrong and guess work)
lavina (pending but felt pure guess work on opinions)

I will update this list in a few months with (predictions happened or not. even the bad ones , so you may find my bad for me list might have a prediction happened on there.)

Sorry if people dont like this Rolleyes
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25-01-2018, 08:41 PM
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Star Hi
I absolutely agree with your post. I found this site when I was looking for honest psychic sofa reviews as we all know they don’t post the negetive ones, I couldn’t help but notice how negetive and off topic this forum can get. I was hesitant to join because of the negetity, but I think people come here to get advice and recommendations about readers to avoid wasting money on scammers so here I am sharing my experiences on readers I’ve tried. I hope this will be helpful for someone.

To be honest finding a real genuine consistent reader on the sofa is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I’ve lost so much money in the process but My abusolute go to on psychic sofa are JJ and Shari
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