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Alone or not?
11-01-2011, 09:59 AM
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Alone or not?
prada handbags sale report,One could, if it were not so close to its host star that it's daytime temperature exceeds 1300C - so Kepler 10b is not a sensible candidate to host life. However, as Professor Batalha explained, it is a significant step in Kepler's mission.

"We want to know if we're alone in the galaxy, simply put - and this is one link in the chain toward getting to that objective.

"First we need to know if planets that could potentially harbour life are common, and we don't know if that's true - that's what Kepler is aiming to do."
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Pioneer of the hunt for exoplanets Geoffrey Marcy, from the University of California Berkeley, said that Kepler 10b represented "a planetary missing link, a bridge between the gas giant planets we've been finding and the Earth itself, a transition... between what we've been finding and what we're hoping to find".

"This report... will be marked as among the most profound scientific discoveries in human history," he said.
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