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Alexander pin 4580
08-07-2018, 12:56 PM
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RE: Alexander pin 4580
I actually thought he was one of the better readers. He validated quite a few things for me that were accurate and this was a first time reading with him so he couldn't have had any notes about me. His predictions haven't yet materialised, they are not due until Aug/Sept.
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16-12-2018, 05:05 PM
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RE: Alexander pin 4580
(07-07-2018 03:22 PM)DrKNoisewater Wrote:  i have never in my life come across a fake psychic like this man. he asks for your name and date of birth. he says its so he can link with you and voice vibration but really its so he can refer to his notes! i had three readings with this man and after the first he basically started giving me informatio that i had already give him in the first reading for example, names, places, starsigns but he made out like he was getting that info from spirit, e.g.. I'm being given the name martin, does aquarius mean anything to you, he did this second and third time. second time i said well of course they mean something i told you last time the name and the starsign. i went back a third time to tell him his timescale had passed and again he was making out the info i had already given him twice now was coming from spirit so just to annoy him i said the name meant nothing and i don't know anyone of that starsign. he is fake fake fake. terrible when readers behave this way. i could tell he was shocked when i said those things didn't mean anything to me because he could not say last time you told me this or that. play them at their own game if they start to con you. he is dreadful. cannot understand how he is so popular

It's not just you being silly. I had 2 readings with Alexander. First was end of last year, Oct/Nov time. Second was that time this year. He does take notes, honestly. He remembered and said very similar things to a reading from over a year before. He gave me the same names, same "are there ties to _____ (exact same areas from the first reading)?", he was digging for info from me.

He was scanning all of a certain area of England to find out the area I was from and then gave info off that. I'll change a few details to protect my privacy, but for example he started with

"Are you from Nottingham or out of Nottingham?"
"out of Nottingham"
"are you in Manchester area? I'm getting ties to the Manchester area"
(So he then goes from the North West to the North East area..)
"are you from Newcastle/Northumberland area?"
"well, yes.. "

Because of my accent, I had to be somewhere in that area. He was going from left to right across a certain part of the country to figure out info from me.

Literally the whole reading was the same as the one over a year before, same questions asked/info "valids" thrown/names and places thrown at me.

I don't trust him.
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22-12-2018, 10:52 PM
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RE: Alexander pin 4580
I don’t trust him. He sounds so smarmy too
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