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Ghost Hunter Talks About Psychic Experiences
28-01-2012, 07:41 PM
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Ghost Hunter Talks About Psychic Experiences

Haunted houses are not foreign territory for the woman billed as “America’s Top Ghost Hunter.”
Lorraine Warren, 81, a light trace medium and clairvoyant from Bridgeport, Conn., has been speaking at colleges for 39 years and will speak tonight in the Baker Center Ballroom.
Warren is known for her appearances on Discovery Channel’s A Haunting and her work with her late husband, Ed Warren, on high-profile cases such as the Amityville Haunting and the Haunting of West Point.
The Post’s Anna Hartenbach spoke with Warren about the paranormal, the Amityville Horror case and Halloween precautions.
The Post: What was the first memory you have of dealing with the paranormal?
Lorraine Warren: Well my husband actually grew up in a home that was haunted and it was in that home, for some reason, nothing was solved. … I believe that his searching was to see if other families experienced what he experienced at a young age, up until the age of 12 when they finally left that house.
Now myself, I had never been in a haunted house in my life, but I attended a private Catholic girls’ school (in Connecticut). I began to notice in our class that I was seeing lights around the heads of people — some of the nuns, the girls in class — and I made the mistake of telling one of the nuns that her lights were brighter than Mother Superior’s. … That was a big mistake. What I was really looking at was the aura around people — that is what I was seeing. … My first experience that was so profound was when I was in a home in Henniker, N.H., called the “Ocean Born Mary House.” In that house, I had an out-of-body experience where I could look down and see my husband sitting there and see the man that he was interviewing and see the couple that was with us but I was way above them. And I could see my own body …
Post: You said when you were about 9 is when you started discovering you had some abilities?
Warren: I didn’t know it was an ability; I thought everybody had it. I didn’t want to be different …
Post: So when you realized that you did have a gift, how did you hone it to make it more usable as a skill?
Warren: I put it in God’s hands. I put it in his hands to be guided in what I should do; of course, it has taken me into haunted houses throughout the world. We researched 27 years in the United Kingdom, we researched and worked with Buddhist monks in the mountains of Japan, and we worked in Australia. We’ve worked all over the world.
Post: So it said that your skills could be described as a clairvoyant and light trance medium with the ability to see, hear and feel things through a sixth sense and read people’s aura, which you’ve already talked about some. Can you explain some of these things like clairvoyant?
Warren: To see, hear and feel beyond the normal five senses.
Post: Can you tell me about some of your more prestigious cases, like the Amityville Horror case?
Warren: Well, I can tell you that the Amityville Horror, the Amityville case I should say, with reality we spent tremendous amounts of time with the family, with the Catholic priest that was involved with the case. We fell victim just as the priest had fallen victim and the family. I very seldom really talk about that. That is a real personification of evil, that home. I don’t really talk about it, but believe me, that was reality.
Post: How did you get involved with it then?
Warren: Well first of all the family, the DeFeo family, was murdered and then the Lutz’s moved in and they fled the house after a matter of days. So the medium got involved and Channel 5 news out of New York City — a man by the name of Marvin Scott — he contacted us. … So that’s how we were brought to it.
Post: Can you tell me about being on A Haunting and Paranormal State? What kinds of things do they have you do on these shows?
Warren: … I discern in these homes what it is we are dealing with and what it is that needs to be done to rectify it, like bringing in the clergy or things of that nature …
Post: What keeps you traveling to colleges?
Warren: … Bringing knowledge to people your age is very, very important. And bringing the true knowledge and not some of the nonsense that some of these other shows and people are doing. … And carrying on my husband’s legacy is extremely important to me.
Post: Do you have any final thoughts you would like to add to anything?
Warren: Well at this time of the year I like to tell people, you know, how to protect yourself. Don’t do foolish things. Don’t play with a Ouija board, don’t go and try to conjure spirits because it’s the Halloween season and don’t go into graveyards for the sake of going into graveyards. Because you are opening doors to an occult world and it can be extremely dangerous and have very sad aftereffects on you.
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