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Spirit Communication At Devon Seance
29-01-2012, 11:00 AM
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Spirit Communication At Devon Seance

I have sat in circle to develop clairvoyance at the Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church in Devon for over two years now, and felt blessed that I had the opportunity to sit with physical medium Stewart Alexander, for what would likely be his last public demonstration.
It was particularly poignant for me since the last time he demonstrated at the Newton Abbot Church in November of 2007, I met my absolute soul mate, who had flown over from New York, just to attend the séance. What a joy then, to be sitting there with him again, almost a year later.
Before entering the séance room, we all emptied our pockets and removed all jewelry. We were then thoroughly searched in order to make sure that absolutely nothing was brought into the séance room. The spirit people that come through Stewart use ectoplasm to materialize and speak, and it is well known that if ectoplasm is exposed to light, it can shoot back into the medium’s body at great speed potentially causing internal bleeding or even death. It was of paramount importance to keep Stewart as safe as possible at all times.
The sitters were then addressed by a gentleman named Alf, who was one of Stewart’s circle members. He explained to the new sitters that we would be sitting in complete darkness for an extended period of time. He gave sitters who had never attended a physical séance before, the opportunity to leave if they thought they could not tolerate sitting under these conditions. Whilst a couple of new sitters acknowledged that they were somewhat apprehensive, the atmosphere of the room was full of eager anticipation and excitement. He explained what was likely to happen, but offered no guarantees, then discussed the do’s and don’ts of séance protocol. Stewart sat in the chair, his arms and legs bound firmly by plastic cable ties.

These were thoroughly checked by one of the sitters. He also had illuminated stripes taped to his knees so the sitters could see in the darkness his location and what position he was in. It was confirmed by some of the sitters that these cable ties were very secure. There was no reason whatsoever to suspect any type of fraud or anything remotely suspicious.
White feather was the first spirit to come through, a Native American Indian who noted how exceptionally good the energy was. He acts as a gatekeeper between our two worlds. White feather then withdrew to allow Christopher to come through. He is a charming young boy of about seven years, whose job it is to relax the sitters. His high pitched, impish voice and cheeky laughter had us all laughing and helped to raise the vibration in the room even higher. He joked with several sitters but he was instructed after only a few minutes by his spirit team that he had to withdraw. Music was then played and we all sang. A short time later, a gentleman named Walter Stinson came through. He was a Canadian who passed over to the spirit world in 1911.
He is a member of Stewart’s spirit team and is responsible for all physical phenomena that may take place during a séance. He is a powerful character and is known to be rather flirtatious with the ladies. He invited any ladies to ask him a question and one of the sitters was invited to sit beside him on his right side. After addressing the questions she had for him, he requested that the red light be switched on, which was located under a glass topped table located in front of the medium. There was a rheostat controlling the intensity of the red light and this was switched on in order to allow everyone to see the two plastic binds connecting Stewart’s arms to the chair. The sitter also confirmed this by touching the ties and checking them to make sure that they were still binding Stewart to the chair.
Evidential Demonstration

The red light was then switched off and there was a noise. The sitter then said that the arm was raised swiftly up into the air. Stewart’s arm was free from the plastic cable ties that bound him to the chair. His left arm was still firmly attached to the arm of the chair by the cable tie. This was an evidential demonstration of matter through matter. The red light was switched off and the audible ectoplasmic rush was heard again. A sitter then confirmed that the arm was back on the armrest bound like before. The red light was again turned on and everyone could see the arm fastened to the chair by the cable ties once again. Stewart Alexander was in trance whilst all this was happening and all direction and instructions were from Walter.
We were then instructed by Walter to lay our hands with palms uppermost on our laps. The trumpets were placed between the feet of the medium and we were invited to sing in order to help raise the energy levels again and increase the vibration in the room. We could see two trumpets levitate and swiftly dance around the room at great speed never bumping into one another. They danced over the heads of the sitters. It should be noted that the ceiling was at least 30 foot high and they were flying right to the ceiling and darting down again very quickly.
Dr Barnett, another member of Stewart’s spirit team who is very philosophical, also came through to speak with us. Next came Freda Johnson. She reunited two sitters with loved ones. It was very emotional for those concerned, as well as everyone else in the room. One of the ladies sitting to the right of me was aware of her son who had passed over and was trying to get through. He was experiencing some difficulty and was invited by Freda to speak to her later after the séance had ended. Stewart would attempt again to bring him through in a private sitting. The other sitters remained in their seats after the séance and the lady was invited through to a small ante room with Stewart. She returned obviously very emotional and confirmed that her son had spoken to her.
Materialized Hand

Walter Stinson’s voice spoke again and invited the ladies once again to ask him a question. I asked a question and to my surprise and delight, he asked me to join him at the front of the room at the glass top table. He answered my question which was relating to how I might best serve the world of spirit and then asked me if I would like to view his materialized hand. I sat opposite him with the illuminated glass topped table between us. The energy was palpable as I sat down and my legs started to shake uncontrollably. I was asked by Walter to place one hand on the table and describe to the other sitters what I saw. An undefined black shadow started to form to the left of the table and slowly started to morph with slight projections. The projections elongated and became finger like, and then a fully formed claw like male looking hand materialized.
The materialized hand crawled across the table onto my hand, and proceeded to pat it three times. It felt warm to the touch and exactly as a normal human hand would look. I could even see the hairs on the back of the hand. It then proceeded to knock the table firmly and loudly which was met by audible exclamations of amazement by my fellow sitters. I feel totally blessed to have experienced this amazing phenomena. Walter spoke to me in his distinctive Canadian brawl and asked “Didn’t you ever want to shake the hand of a man who had been dead for more than a hundred years now, ma’ am, hmm?” Everyone found this very amusing and I for one was buzzing from the whole experience. I kept asking myself how many people in the world have had an experience like this. How lucky am I? I can confirm that this was not the hand of the medium, Stewart Alexander. If this wasn’t enough, he then asked for my new found soul mate Ken to come up. Out of all the sitters the two of us were seated opposite this amazing man from the spirit world, waiting in anticipation for the next demonstration. He then invited Ken’s “betrothed” to sit next to him. Ken and I had discussed getting married however had not made any formal plans or announcements yet so to have someone from the spirit realms acknowledge our intent rendered us totally speechless.
I was unable to respond since I was so overcome with emotion. I recognized Sheila’s voice, one of the administrators of the church call out “She is already there”! Ken was positioned opposite Walter and he invited another female sitter named Heather to sit to the left of the medium. We were then invited to place our hands flat on the table with our thumbs touching and our little fingers touching that of our neighbors. The table started to move, pushing against my knees quite firmly. It then moved backwards and forwards and proceeded to levitate. We all sat there mystified. All of us aware that we couldn’t possibly have lifted the table with both hands flat on the table ourselves. We were then invited to take our seats again.
Ken was addressed again by Walter and he stated “Ken, you are not going to believe what is in store for you in the future!” He did not elaborate on this but filled us both with eager anticipation. He also said “When your big day arrives, and you KNOW what I mean by this, will I be invited?” He was relating to our aspirations of getting married. After the séance, Ken and I discussed the odds of how many weddings there had ever been when someone from the world of spirit asked if they could attend. When the time is right, we will of course be inviting Walter, and know FOR SURE that he will be there in spirit.

What a totally amazing evening. One that the two of us will remember for eternity, made so very special by the personal messages. It was my third demonstration of physical mediumship and my second demonstration of ectoplasmic, materialization mediumship, and I can say that with absolute certainty that I never, at any time, suspected any type of fraud taking place. It has confirmed my knowingness, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that our soul and our etheric spirit body are eternal, and that we all survive physical death.
I want to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks and praise to Stewart Alexander for his hard work and tireless dedication over the years, in developing his gift and demonstrating it publically, and in bringing the two worlds together and unwittingly two very, very happy people that otherwise, would never have met.
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