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07-06-2018, 03:55 PM
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What do you think about think about the readers on this site?
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07-06-2018, 05:23 PM
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FAKE stay away from there....what a waste of time.

Lovely lady but very generalized statements and speaks in riddles (I think she is just trying to keep you on the line) and leaves you confused

She was very good with validating a working situation (even in regards to the money package I would receive) so I would say she is very close in accuracy. She does not give you a fairy tale and tells you what she gets and sees but again there are some generalized statements.....and when saying goodbye keeps you on the line until your last penny has been used up!

He has put phone down on me before once he has given me the information he believes I need. He has been very accurate in terms of how I am feeling, the situation currently and also he validated something for me when i asked him specifically about a particular person (the incident and restrictions - not general in any way and there was no way he could know). Do like Tom but feel he can be repetitive and wonder does he tell everyone the same thing.

Jackie told me we needed to remove a block of order for me to move forward and she wanted to do that with me over the phone
CLICK......dead line.......
Talks in riddles and counsels you rather then gives you information

Can't work her out. She always wants to go back 11-12 weeks (and who can remember what happened then unless it was something very specific) or 3 weeks when something happened!!!
Just give me the information I am calling for

Earth Angel
She has been perfect for me in the past but (just once) and I have called her maybe 6-10 times, so if we look at it like that, then not very good but absolutely spot on the one time when talking about the specific area of work I do etc.,
Recently she has been more generalized and gives BARNUM statements and prefers to lecture you...

Goldey will tell you at the start to record so you can remember what she said.
She is always very negative but that does not mean she is not accurate.
She is an astrologist type of psychic and therefore needs time, DOB and place of birth to be accurate....REALLY!
Your situation shouldn't depend on whether you were born in Canada at 8pm or London at 8pm .....just my thoughts
Both calls with Goldey have left me depleted but maybe that's because she has said what was needed and not what I wanted

EXTREMELY rude and aggressive - never call her anymore....

GOSH i can't remember the rest but I am sure there is more.....but anyhoo this is my experience so far!
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