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Text messages on live shows
13-02-2012, 02:06 AM
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Text messages on live shows
I have been texting Psychic TV which is now Psychic Today for some time now and it's getting worse. The readers are not spending a minute on the text message and it has happened to me when they don't answer the question asked but just waffle. HELLO???? That wasn't my question and down goes my £1.53.
Alot of time on the shows is wasted by laughing, giggling and just waffling about other stuff. Thought readers were non professional but even the presenters are laughing and giggling and wasting time when they should be asking readers to answer the texts and voice mails.
If they behaved profesionally and answered all texts and voice mails then the mystic service would not be sending negative texts which can be upsetting and you then spend more money and ring the psychics...WHAT A CON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone experieced anything and what are your thoughts please. Ta xxx
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13-02-2012, 09:58 AM
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RE: Text messages on live shows
I'm wary of sending texts..for the above reasons and the answers which are half right..and sometimes dressed up a I don't trust it as an accurate way on the whole. Obviously JH constants can retune so that makes it OK.
Did have a voice mail answered by Jenna which was spooooky since I had given nothing away..

But on the whole to be avoided..voice mails at least better because you don't get the mystic. There is a whole thread on this some where
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13-02-2012, 11:39 AM
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RE: Text messages on live shows

I have posted previously about the issues regarding Irish viewers texting in, and argee with you, it is getting worse. I text in at the beginning on an evening show a few nights ago, and sat until 3am and my text never appeared. I even sent the same message in with the other featured psychics names in the hopes it would appear, but it didn't.

So, as you did, I end up €5 out of pocket and nothing in return, as Irish viewers don't even get the Mystic service text if your text doesn't appear on the show! And we can't send in voice mails, so our only option at the moment is to text in and hope!

This is the second time in the space on 10 days I've text in at the beginning of an evening show (about 5-10mins in) with the topic chosen by whatever psychic I text in to, and ended up sitting for 6 hours waiting for nothing. I find it completely unacceptable, especially to the Irish viewers, and have been backed up by some of the other Irish viewers who post here.

The show has become increasing bad in the last few months, I think since around November last year, they've begun to push voice mails more and more, and it just completely eliminates Irish viewers due to the ways we have to "interact" with the shows mentioned above, with all due respect to those involved. It's not everyone on the show, some still try to keep it under control and get on with it, but I understand what you're saying though. The laughing and joking around at some of the serious questions sent in is really bad.

My opinion is that 886 is the better channel / show. If only 885 was as good, I think I would have switched over a long time ago!
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13-02-2012, 11:48 AM
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RE: Text messages on live shows
Yes thanks..I have read that thread about mystic being so negative but again there is a reason for that as mentioned in my post. I always get 2 messages and get charged for other one. It's just so unfair when they should stop talking alot of crap and be more professional and answer questions. Wonder if they would put themselves in our places and see how they would feel being unfair.
I have had voice mails answered but at times they are half right too. Yes Jenna is really good and her validations are amazing. With JH he is very slow in connecting and non of his predictions have happened so far. Had a reading with him and asked me if I knew a certain place in South West and I said no but he insisted that I did, how can I when I have never ever been there Confused ..he is a NO NO for me.

Katie Keeley and Michael are best for me so far on Psychic Today and they give what they get and don't sugar coat.
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13-02-2012, 12:00 PM
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RE: Text messages on live shows
Mikesmithfan, I know it is very frustrating. They don't do texts in the order they come but they have their favourites and I feel they control what they send to the mystic service. Few times my mates and I sent 3 messages with registered names 30mins after each other and the one which was sent first was answered by mystic 6am in the morning and the third one was answered about midnight and the second one was nearly 2am. It wasn't sent for any reader's attention.

Few weeks later same thing and this time with readers attention. It is just unfair if they are taking advantage of public and they call themselves spiritual. Have they heard about karma and does anyone wonder why some readers have left and are doing well outside their company???

They are just very unprofessional and are getting worse and worse. I can't stand some of the presenters and their laughter is not lady like at all ROFL ROFL ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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