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Offering my own psychic readings
19-11-2018, 12:21 PM
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RE: Offering my own psychic readings
I do agree with the above post because I don’t believe Psychics can accurately pick up what someone is thinking. They go on assumptions as I’ve had problems and mixed messages myself in the past from using too many Psychics. A psychic in my experience can only pick up what they can see may happen-
It is the best solution to ask the person where you stand - trouble is it’s pride as nobody likes to ask for fear of rejection. I asked the man I liked where I stood after I’d been hanging around waiting on what readers told me which was always — he loves you really but he has issues or he’s too scared of his feelings — I got so fed up with waiting around that I asked the other person where I stood only to be told that he had found someone else and he was on a relationship. No reader told me that and I’m glad I did ask as I saved myself a lot of money and added stress-
It’s true - if a man wants you he will hold on tight to you and not let you go. I made excuses but in reality I knew that if he was interested he would have had no hesitation- I still have the occasional readings about once every 6 weeks but that’s for other areas of my life not for love - I don’t use any ps readers any more because they are all bog standard even the ones on this forum raved about-
In a way the author of this thread has a point because I now don’t think it’s possible to look inside someone’s head psychically- maybe look at what they are doing but that’s about it. Sorry to see the starter of this thread was banned as he opened up a discussion that was interesting-
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19-11-2018, 12:44 PM (This post was last modified: 19-11-2018 12:46 PM by Virgo1.)
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RE: Offering my own psychic readings
Yeah but let's face it, most people including yourself Rachel212 even call psychics to ask how someone is feeling about you.. The above poster said that they can't tell you someone's feelings, but will tell you how if the relationship will work out or not.. You could say the same "well how does he know if we'll work out or not? They can't pick up feelings accurately". So say if I call him about a guy I meet and he says that we won't work out, I will want to know why. If he says he can't tell me that the person doesn't care for me because he doesn't want to go into their feelings, then I have no validated evidence. And I do believe that psychics can pick up feelings and the present accurately, but the issue is we have all been going to the crappy phone line psychics lol.
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19-11-2018, 12:53 PM (This post was last modified: 19-11-2018 01:02 PM by Virgo1.)
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RE: Offering my own psychic readings
Sorry, I completely disagree that readers can't feel what somebody is thinking. There is such thing as "psychic empaths".. People who feel what others feel, and I think that most of the people on these lines have given us the same crap. They can't read and aren't psychic. I couldn't give anybody one name on PS, PT, Kooma or ATA who I think is worthwhile, because they all were giving people the same lines or guesswork. The best I've found are mediums in person or psychics who have their own psychic sites and are well known.

So the reader above won't look at what somebody's thinking because he doesn't believe you can, yet can tell if if it's going to work out with that person.. Well you could argue the same - how would he know if he can't pick up feelings and the future changes?

I think readings are a waste of time unless it's a private reputable reader, because the future changes so rapidly. What's the point on basically gambling on your future? Isn't it more fun to ride the waves and see what comes up for yourself? I've called psychics about an ex and they all said he'd be back and there was nobody around him, a month later he's with someone but "it won't go far, he still loves you". Well, how did they not see that other person come into play? I think relationship readings should honestly be made illegal. They cause debt, stress and trouble. People hanging on for years on an ex who quite possibly doesn't give one lol.

I agree with you Rachel though that in rare cases, the man disappears on you because he does have commitment issues or he might have genuinely had feelings for you, but he has problems within himself and doesn't own up and be honest, takes the easy route and runs away. It's common that men have commitment issues and I've seen on different forums how men have just vanished on women and turned up on and off over time. I agree with the point that just because someone has feelings for you, doesn't mean that they'll act on them.
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