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What do you ask a psychic!?
24-01-2011, 07:01 PM
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What do you ask a psychic!?
This must sound so silly to most of you but I would love some tips on what are the right questions to ask a psychic so that I know they are genuine and are definitely giving me the best advice.

I am going through a rough time with some family matters and want to make sure I ask the right questions and get the validations I need before proceeding into my personnal life......

You guys all seem like experts so where best to ask!

Also, any tips on what shows/ psychics to go for?

Love Jem x
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25-01-2011, 09:58 AM
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RE: What do you ask a psychic!?
(24-01-2011 07:45 PM)Muffins Wrote:  Hi Jem,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having some family problems at the moment, and yes you do want to make sure you are speaking to the right person.

My first point won't really help you, but some people get on with some psychics better than others. The psychic I like, may not be your cup of tea and vice versa.

A psychic should generally know what you want to talk about, but don't be dismayed if they ask you which area you want to speak about e.g. work, love, family etc.. You also don't want to waste time either, so its better to just say what area you want to look at.

You will recognise if a psychic is asking leading questions. For example, I had a reading recently with someone who is apparently good, it went something like this:

Me: Hello, my name is Muffins and I'd like a reading on my lovelife?
Psychic: Are you in a relationship?
Me: No
Psychic: Are you wanting to meet someone new?
Me: No
Psychic: Have you seen someone you like?
Me: No
Psychic: I feel like there is an ex around you....

I was deeply disappointed with the reading, especially because of the hype. From the above you can see if they are trying to get information out of you. You will understand what is a reasonable amount of questions for the questions to ask you, and you will know if you are receiving generalisations about the situation etc.. I've had a few readings and you begin to see what is what.

Most other psychics picked up immediately that I had an ex when I just asked for a love reading. So in general I was comfortable with them. From my personal experience if someone wows you within a couple of lines, then you have found your reader. I rang a lady who was recommended to me, she had picked up on my friends situation to a t, even living arrangements, obscure hobbies, and other personal details that there were so precise, it definitely would not be a lucky guess. I had 5 minutes left and I rang the lady, she wowed me. She said things that no-one else picked up on, I proceeded to buy 20 minutes more, and she continued to give me correct information including injuries, background information, living arrangements, family problems and things which were said and NOT said. Also, she never keeps you on the phone, if she has only has 5 mins worth of a reading to give you, she won't try to drag it out. I've seen a testimonial recently added for her, and the person had the same experience as me.

By chance, another way to know if a psychic is good, and this you don't need to try out - but it happened to me recently. I had pressiing work issues, even though the boy was on my mind moreso, work still needed to be sorted out. I rang up someone I hadnt spoken to before and told her I wanted to speak about work, she gave me a couple of lines about it (that is, dont worry about work) and jumped straight into talking about an ex around me.... She knew without my mentioning anything that this was important to me. She was pretty good...

Everyone on here will have different experiences with readers. My personal favourites are Crystal CT (option 0) and John Healey (Studio), with John he never asks a question and goes straight into the reading. You may have to speak up to ask him specifically something, because he does like to do his validations etc., but he hasn't failed me yet, and his validations are always brilliant in my opinion, and very random... Today I rang him about work. His opening lines were "why am i getting you receiving a call at work, but it was during having lunch, even though it was about work".. Thats exactly what happened, i received a work call at lunchtime about work and that was why I was ringing him. He saw things in the area I lived in, that I hadnt even noticed. Random little things he picks up on. To date everything he has said has materialised, just a couple more things to go Smile

Those readers may not be everyones cup of tea, but we all vary on our experiences, needs and wants. If there is anyone you want to ask about in particular, then just fire away, I am sure people will give you their experiences..

I hope everything works out for you xxxx

Hi Muffins,

I just wanted to say that the information you have given to Jem is perfect. Very well written and I'm sure many others will benefit from this. Smile
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09-08-2016, 10:24 PM
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RE: What do you ask a psychic!?
I agree nicely written
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