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What is going on with the show?
21-03-2012, 02:57 AM
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What is going on with the show?
I have been using the services of the show for many years and have spoken to many readings.

Many text messages relating to the topic have been sent beginning of the shows and they have not been answered at all and I have been waiting till 3am or 3.30am most times. A depressing text message then arrives 12 hours after from the mystic service. I used to send voice mails and picture messages and they too have been ignored. I have spent alot of money and when I call the customer service they tell me that the producer chooses what text to show and to be read. That is not fair at all as it should be first come first serve. However no compensation but they agree to show the same text to the show at the time and guess what, even that doesn't happen. That is just ridiculous.

Meditations now on the show. One has to be grounded and protected before they open themselves to the unknown. I think meditations on the show should be stopped as people out there are vulnerable.

Horoscopes, what is all that about. Just put them on your website and let people read them.

Katiescope, that is already on the social networking sites so why keep going on and on about it.

Alot of time is wasted chatting by presenters and psychics talking about personal life.

PT this is totally unfair when many of your viewers are frustrated and annoyed about their text messages or voice mails not being answered. Stop wasting time with meditations, horoscopes and waffles by the presenters and put a smile on the viewers face.

I too have had many readings and too much money wasted on text messages and voice mails being ignored. I am now having readings with our own readers privately and they are less than £1.53 a minute.

One of the forums I have read today is someone suggesting contacting Ofcom. It can get nasty if they get involved so get your grips before all your viewers go elsewhere.

Put yourself in the viewers position where you are sat waiting till 3am for your message to be answered?
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22-03-2012, 06:54 PM
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RE: What is going on with the show?
They are too busy at 3am dealing with their lucrative sex line business
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