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Hail Satan?: the film that will change your mind about satanism
06-05-2019, 08:15 AM
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Hail Satan?: the film that will change your mind about satanism
With each manic news cycle out-frenzying the one that came before, Americans have been increasingly starved of both a sense of normality and access to a much-needed voice of reason, a dose of calm rationalism to cut through the endless absurdity.

Regardless of your religious belief system, you’ll be understandably wary of being told that both can be found in surplus in Hail Satan?, an eye-opening new documentary that aims to provide a surprising amount of clear-eyed sense to a topic that appears luridly sensationalist on paper.

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From the 70s through to the 90s, the country was gripped by the so-called Satanic Panic, a widely reported phenomenon that crept up in everything from local news reports to Oprah, alleging that devil worshippers had constructed a vast underground network that had infected everything from daycare centres to Dungeons and Dragons. Their goal was to rape and murder, usually children, and as the panic became more mainstream, satanism became a byword for real world evil, easily linked to any number of horrific crimes. There was one slight problem: it was all a lie.

“As a film-maker you talk about your film with different people and everyone that I talked to about this was absolutely certain that they knew what satanism is and everyone I’ve talked to has been completely wrong,” Hail Satan? director Penny Lane said to the Guardian. Her film doesn’t implore that you must accept or embrace satanism but instead it suggests that you at least understand them.

Her focus is the Satanic Temple, a nontheistic group started in 2013, based out of Salem, Massachusetts. While satanic imagery is used, it’s not supported by any actual belief in Satan, a fact that often gets overlooked by the Fox News outrage which accompanies some of their attention-craving stunts. One of their overriding goals is to remind institutions and the broader public that America is a secular country and that a blatant Christian bias is antithetical to this, leading them to insist that any attempt to erect a statue of the ten commandments should be accompanied by a similar mission to erect a statue of the demon Baphomet. It’s a battle that started in Little Rock, Arkansas, and one that’s documented in the film, a perfect crystallisation of what the temple seeks: equality.
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