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why are we all acting so thick
07-07-2019, 11:58 PM
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why are we all acting so thick
you only need to watch derren brown, to realise psychics and mediums are charlatans. I wish I d woken up sooner. it is all. the power of suggestion, that's all, and is easy to read people. I wish I d woken up sooner. no one is talking to guides or angels, even if they think they are, they re deluded. animals can sense where they re tribe is from miles away, psychic ability at its best is just this sense, its not spiritual its a normal instinct. and if you ask someone about a future event, or now someone feels, its much easier to assess this than you d think. never again will I believe another psychic or medium , thank god for derren brown
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08-07-2019, 06:26 PM
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RE: why are we all acting so thick
I've seen those videos of Derren Brown on YT and Paul Zenon. I quite agree with what they say to a degree... Most of the cheap phoneline readers nowadays don't even need to be psychic and they get accepted. Over 95% of them hardly have a gift at all, have been found to tell multiple people the same barnum statements that Paul and Derren pick out which is very true. They also use free will or "law of attraction" as an excuse if you come back saying that the prediction never happens, but rarely do they say nope I don't see your POI won't be back but free will - he may possibly pop his head up at some point... Funny that.

You do rarely get the decent reader who is genuine and it makes it unfair on them because of these charlatans who make a joke of the psychic industry. Most of the people I've spoken to and my experiences are that readers validate well at the time, but when it comes to matters of the heart nothing ever occurs. Yet career, house, meeting new people and silly sometimes unimportant predictions happen. Never the biggie.

I think that the readers at spiritualist churches are your more decent old skool type.. They don't talk about exes and throw free will in your face all the time.. They bring evidence of deceased loved ones and I've witnessed it myself for me and others.

Some people seem to have luck with readers and most don't. I do also think that an ex coming back is pure pot luck. Most do at some point and not to be sexist but mostly with men, they do tend to pop up anytime especially if they know that the woman is about so that they can have their cake and eat it. Who wouldn't want to mess around for a while knowing that there is a decent woman waiting around for them to commit, and then return to the woman? But sometimes by the time the ex has come back the woman has moved on, which is why most readers say "your ex will return but when you won't want him".

I've had many readings that seemed really good at the time with validating and looked back or posted on this forum and been told that and thought that actually they were quite generic statements, or the reader told others similar things to me.

I think probably 20/30 years ago when all of these tacky cheap sites weren't around and psychics were more frowned upon is when you had your more genuine readers. The other issue is many readers over time seem to lose their gift, either by karmic actions such as egotism and cockiness or purely because they're human and their gift can weaken over time, especially if they have overused it in thousands of situations.

There is, in my personal opinion, definitely a psychic gift within readers, but it's very very very rare for a reader to foresee our future amd predict it accurately.

I know I have said this often, but my gut screamed to me all along that someone would not be returning and I chose to ignore it because of these readers being really convincing, and also I couldn't face the real truth at the time. Well every single reader, top readers in England and the US said he would be back but for either good or bad reasons and he never did and I should have and learnt since to listen to my gut all along as it has never failed me.

We have other psychic abilities within ourselves such as sussing people out... Having bad gut feelings around someone, thinking of someone and they call or message us, thinking about something and it comes up on TV or social media etc or most people on here must have had the feeling of being watched by something unseen at some point in their life. The other day I discussed something that had been in the news a while back with a friend via texting and they walked into another room and it was on the TV.. There are many ways that we have our own psychic abilities within ourselves that really, we don't need to consult psychics. They are a mere pick me up to give us false hope on things. Sometimes it is nice to have a general reading with a reader and getting a "what's coming up for me" reading but it's all about finding the reader who works for and is most accurate for you. It's such a shame that most of these readers ruin it for the genuine ones who have their heart in the right place.

Look at the amount of readers who have come on and advertised themselves on here or gotten quite nasty because someone posted honest feedback about them and they couldn't handle it. Lots of readers are underhand and pure greed, in it for the money. I've heard lots of unpleasant stories by people experienced from readers and it makes me personally quite angry. Spirit wouldn't want people to behave like this and I firmly believe that once you abuse it (if you even have a gift), you lose it.
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