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Love Ritual to Amplify Love
17-07-2019, 06:48 AM
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Love Ritual to Amplify Love
For those unfamiliar with crystal work, gemstones and crystals have been used for thousands of years in spiritual and healing practices. Eastern medicine systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda use gems to balance energy and promote wellness in the body. The properties of the stones are said to emit and amplify or absorb certain elemental vibrations. For those who find this a bit too new age-y, think of a clear quartz crystal used in a watch to hold the precision of time. Quartz has an exact frequency that is stimulated to vibrate by the mechanism of the watch, which is calibrated to mark the seconds based on that vibration. It keeps true time. In energy medicine, clear quartz is used to amplify the focus of intention and to help with manifestation. I can see the relationship.

To me precision translates to purity. So I liken quartz to purity. And I liken this post’s featured crystal to purity of love. Allow me to introduce, Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone that is indicated for healing the heart chakra and in times when we need to amplify the love. Rose quartz is unique in that generally stones used for chakras match the color of the chakra. While the heart chakra is associated with green, crystals associated with heart chakra balancing and healing are both green and pink, the rose quartz being one of the most recommended.

Pink in color therapy is used for softening matters of the heart like grief and sadness and promoting emotional love. Interestingly, on the science side, the color pink does not have its own pure wavelength and frequency as it is a mix of the two polar opposite colors in wavelength and frequency: violet (380-450nm/680-790THz) and red (625-740nm/405-480THz). On the healing side, this makes perfect sense to me. Of course, the purest expression of love, the most precise, would be found in the crystalized balanced frequency of our root (red) and crown (violet) chakras. The two polar opposite centers of our bodies’ energetic system. The flow between the two can only be maintained with a heart tuned in to unconditional love. Like the quartz in a radio, rose quartz can help us tune into the frequency of pure love.

Does this mean we need only put on a rose quartz bracelet and all sadness disappears? No. Nothing in this world is going to do our work for us. But rose quartz crystals can help to amplify those qualities of unconditional love like compassion, forgiveness, and nurturing when we meditate on them, focus our attention on them and express them. That is the way of crystals. Like tuning forks to the purest essences of their own particular blend of elements, they stay true to their expression and help us find our way back to alignment.
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