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07-08-2019, 02:27 PM
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Activator Pro Testosterone And if you think that you have nothing else to do, and you think that this is your problem, talk to your partner. Do not expect the problem to disappear by itself. Explain to him what is happening. For most women, sex is a matter of physical and emotional energy, it is a strengthening of the bond between two people, a way to express love. For men, it’s just sex - relaxation, a physical act, it doesn’t bind to emotions, it doesn’t carry with it the confirmation of feelings. Therefore, it is probably so difficult for your man to understand exactly what you want and what you do not want. Your sudden lack of sexual desire can even scare a man. He really may not understand what the problem is. It is important that you talk to him about what is happening to you. Search for the reason for the lack of sexual desire in women need both partners. In no case should not pretend that there are no problems. And, of course, do not force yourself to do what you do not want, because it will only increase the aversion to sex. Female libido is sometimes capricious, and it is very important to quickly find the reasons for its decline and make sure that everything returns to normal. Is libido impairment a disease? In recent years, the diagnosis of female sexual disorders of sexual desire has become accepted by science. Recent studies at Wayne State University in Detroit have shown differences in the processes occurring in the brain of a woman complaining of low libido. The author of the study, Dr. Michael Diamond, suggests that the real cause is a physical problem. The study of scientists was attended by 50 women who had low libido. Records of brain activity were compared with seven other women who did not have this problem. Women watched daily TV shows, which were interrupted by inserts of erotic films. The family of “problem-free” women could see changes in the brain regions responsible for sexual arousal. The rest of these changes were not detected. Women suffering from libido disorders, This study provides evidence that low libido is a disease of motivated people. But not all experts in this field have the same opinion.
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