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Affirmations- Positive Steps to Happiness!
21-08-2019, 07:25 AM
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Affirmations- Positive Steps to Happiness!
By Psychic Trevor Pin 6610

Practising affirmations is a very effective way of controlling and directing your psychic energy. An affirmation is a positive statement which you use to change your reality. Our thoughts become things in the world. In fact, nothing really exists without us thinking it first.

Our psychic energy therefore follows the statements we concentrate upon throughout the day. Thus, we manifest what we focus on in our minds. Negative affirmations can consequently send us off track quite quickly. Sometimes we talk to ourselves in a way we would never talk to anyone else!

A positive affirmation is a statement which builds us up and empowers us to make the most of our future opportunities. Self-belief is key to all success. We are all like magnets attracting negative energy, or positive energy with our minds.

Affirmations- Practical Steps to Achievement

Here are some practical steps to practising psychic affirmations to best effects.

1] Meditate on the love and success you desire, as a way of developing a list of your needs and wants. Affirmations which reflect our deepest desires are most effective and fruitful. Draw up a short list of keywords which you can form into short sentences.

2] Write out a sentence which captures your heart’s desire. Affirmations are not wishes. Affirmations are expectations. So, construct the sentence in the present tense. Thus, we move into the reality of affirmation right away rather than hoping it might happen. For example, ‘I am creative now’ rather than ‘I will be creative soon’.

3] You need to focus on the positive rather than the negative when constructing your affirmations. Remember, you attract the contents of your affirmation. Always keep your words positive and uplifting.

4] You should stick to a maximum of 3 affirmations, so that it is possible for you to memorize the sayings. You should also keep things simple and straightforward for the greatest fruitfulness.

Living the Positive Life

5] You should allow your lifestyle to align with your desired affirmations to achieve the best results. Be careful not to think or act the opposite to your affirmation because you will block your progress.

6] You should build your affirmations into your daily routine. You need to set aside 2 or 3 times a day where you can repeat your affirmation aloud with conviction. See yourself as speaking the statement into a reality with as much confidence as possible. You should act and speak as if your affirmation has already come true to become a magnet for your wants and needs.

7] You should write out your affirmation on a card and place it where you can see it on a regular basis. If you are able then you should be creative and turn the card into a work of art. You should make every effort to enter into the truth of your desired affirmation.

Using positive affirmations is a fun and simple way to harness your psychic energy and make it work for you in powerful ways. So, start small with just one affirmation until you get into the habit of declaring them and reaping the benefits. You will become a channel of positive power!
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21-01-2020, 02:36 AM
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RE: Affirmations- Positive Steps to Happiness!
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