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CLAIRVOYANTS: How Are They Really Able to See?
21-08-2019, 07:26 AM
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CLAIRVOYANTS: How Are They Really Able to See?
By Psychic Pages Special Investigator

With the number of psychic clairvoyants that are in the world, we wanted to ask an important question. How are these gifted individuals actually able to see things about people, or into the future? Are they really able to do that? And if so, how does it work? Is there something different about psychics as opposed to the rest of us?


Most clairvoyants start getting premonitory visions at any early age. This usually begins with a sudden, very realistic moving image of an event. Often, this flash of vision is as clear as if they had seen it through their eyes, and " blinds" them of their actual vision. This flash of vision is so startling and overpowering that it cannot be ignored.

These visions can seemingly come of their own accord. But they can also occur due to a specific catalyst. Some examples of this are the clairvoyant touching an object and getting a certain vision (known as psychometry). Another example may be them meeting a person and getting a sudden vision about them, or simply hearing a name that sets off a vision about the named person.


With time, the clairvoyant learns to accept things as and when their visions come to pass. This gives them greater confidence in their abilities. However, if initially the clairvoyant has a vision of a negative event which then comes to pass, this can be a truly terrifying experience.

In addition to this, the clairvoyant can find themselves living in a lonely world. If they share the content of their visions with others, they risk being considered strange, impolite or even mentally unhinged! If they do not share them, they often find themselves feeling isolated and troubled by their visions. It is often only later in life that they develop their skills. Then, they start recognising their visions as a gift and begin to use them to help people.


We have all heard of the third eye or the sixth sense. But is there a scientific foundation for us as to why the clairvoyant receives these visions and is able to get glimpses of the future?

As humans, we do not use the full capacity of our brains. Our brains control everything about us; our bodies, our emotions and our senses. We know that some people are able to achieve amazing physical feats, such as fire-walking or lifting a car These people are able to use parts of the brain that other people cannot. And likewise, some people have found a way of using their third eye and sixth sense to see things which others cannot.
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