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Psychic Journal- How it Can Help Your Spiritual Development
21-08-2019, 07:27 AM
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Psychic Journal- How it Can Help Your Spiritual Development
y Psychic Trevor Pin 6610

“Nothing never happens” is one of the truths I live by and this is just one of the reasons why I keep a psychic journal. It is a record of my psychic experiences. It is also an account of my personal spiritual insights I have learnt along the way. Writing a psychic journal is therefore a practical and simple way to grow spiritually.

It's not Difficult
You do not need to be good at writing, because keeping your journal is purely for your pleasure alone. It will however greatly aid you in your spiritual progress. You will see how a journal can become a major part of your psychic development and spiritual growth.

Most psychic journals tend to be like shorthand notebooks. They are often full of symbols and single sentence observations. Writing your psychic journal does not need to be time-consuming. Most days, I write for less than five minutes depending on my work-load or according to my psychic progress.

Sometimes keeping a journal doesn’t even involve writing. Often, I will draw or paint in my journal because I find that easier. On occasion, I will stick interesting articles and pictures into the pages.

Psychic journaling is purpose-driven. The goal is simply having greater psychic power and understanding. Consequently, many professional psychics chart their progress very carefully in such ways. Furthermore, by making a note of our experiences, things start to happen. We can start to see patterns, coincidences and conclusions while going over the journal. These may not be possible to see if they were not noted down and remained purely in our memories. Thus, a psychic journal can play not only an important, but actually an essential part of our journey of spiritual development.

Six Ways that a Psychic Journal helps Spiritual Progress
Here are six powerful ways in which psychic journaling can help you to grow in psychic awareness and confidence.
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