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Changing Your Life with Bliss Energy
21-08-2019, 08:13 AM
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Changing Your Life with Bliss Energy
by Trevor Pin 6610
Bliss is the feeling of intense happiness and undiluted joy.

Firstly it is a fact that many of us do not feel we have the right or the opportunity to experience bliss in our daily lives. Maybe some of us do feel it fleetingly at certain special times in our lives. And yet the experience of bliss energy can be introduced as a regular feature and has the power to transform our lives.

There are many forms of psychic energies and one of them is bliss. Time and time again every religious or cultural system comes back to the psychic benefits of bliss as a force for positive change and personal development.

Bliss energy is creative and positive by nature. Learning to use bliss energy is fairly easy task, which anyone can master with time and practice. To learn how to attract and feel bliss energy, just set aside half an hour every few days to practice the 4 stages below.

The 4 Stages to Achieving Bliss
Stage 1
Sit quietly and relax with your eyes closed. Once you are still, you need to picture either a happy memory or an imagined happy encounter within your mind. Even if we have never experienced blissful happiness, all of us are able to imagine such an experience. So, in time, you will develop a list of blissful experiences, both real and imagined, which will consequently then trigger bliss energy.

Stage 2
You need to create a ball of energy about the size of a tennis ball within the palm of your hand. Do this by moving the picture of bliss from your brain into your hands. This will feel like running water flowing through your body.

Stage 3
Once you feel heat within your palms, the bliss energy is ready for you to use. This process can take between 6 to 10 minutes. Just the experience of moving bliss through your body is a truly wonderful thing, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. [Please note that on occasion, bliss can feel more like pins and needles yet still works in the same way.]

Stage 4
There are 4 main ways of releasing bliss energy into our lives. So, we can release bliss into creativity, healing, inspiration, and motivation. We can release bliss into our pencil or paintbrush. Also, we can release bliss in healing by touch. We can release bliss like a brainwave to inspire ourselves or others. We can release bliss to bolster our motivation. The positive applications of bliss are therefore endless and universal.

The Progress On Your Blissful Journey!
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