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"How can a medium help me?"
22-08-2019, 08:42 AM
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"How can a medium help me?"
A medium is able to communicate with those in spirit, forming a connection with a passed over soul, or another form of spirit intelligence. They thereby act as a ‘medium’ between spirit and their client, transmitting valuable information. Mediums may receive information from spirit in slightly different ways through utilising their psychic abilities. Maybe information is received clairvoyantly, through pictures and images, or via clairaudience, which is information received by hearing sounds and voices. Sometimes the medium channels information, whereby they enable the spirit to speak directly through them, transmitting this information to the recipient(s). In such instances, it is not unusual for mediums to adopt the postures, voices and characteristic of those they are connecting with. Mediums are also able to express the thoughts and emotions of those in spirit and may experience their physical sensations, often referred to as clairsentience.

For some people, contacting a medium for the first time may feel a little daunting, or they may feel concerned that it could be upsetting. However, many people experience a reading as comforting, reaffirming, or enlightening and are often pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of information which they receive. A medium may be able to help provide you with reassurances and confirmations that your loved ones are ok and that they remain connected to you and are looking out for you. They may provide you with important information, guidance and suggestions from your loved ones, sometimes enabling you to live a more fulfilling life. They may transmit messages for other family members of friends, which may not make personal sense to you, but could prove to be very significant to others.

Sometimes questions can be answered directly from spirit and sometimes they cannot. There can be many reasons for this and sometimes it is simply not for us to know! However, information you receive may enable greater insight, comfort, understanding, confirmation, expansion of consciousness, increased trust in the Universe……. and maybe a huge array of other experiences!

Just as upon the earth plane, those in spirit cannot be on call 24 hours a day and there is never any guarantee whom will come through to a Medium when a reading is undertaken. However, there are times you may experience an inner knowing or “sensation” that someone significant is trying to communicate with you. Maybe you experience clear signs of their presence, such as the smell of their favourite scent, certain photos falling down, or their appearance in your dreams?

It may just be at such times you feel that the support and guidance of a medium may be helpful?
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