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The following animals all have magickal qualities t
31-08-2019, 07:28 AM
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The following animals all have magickal qualities t
The following animals all have magickal qualities that
can be harnessed in times of need. Choose an animal to work
with that best represents a personality characteristic you
would like to develop or improve.
Bear (introspection, stability, wisdom)
The strength of the bear lies in its ability to enter into a
state of hibernation. In this state it is able to digest the year’s
experience. The bear gains wisdom through sleep in dream
time. When warmth and sunlight return, the bear emerges
strong, stable, and with renewed vitality. Bear is strongly protective
of home and family.

Bear Associations
Direction: North
Element: Earth
Deities: Artemis, Diana, Thor, Cernunnos
The bear will teach you great wisdom. He will also teach
you the value of stillness and introspection. When you feel
the need for stability, call on the bear during meditation.
Ask him to bring you wisdom.
Buffalo (abundance, prayer, thanksgiving)
The buffalo was the major source of food for the Plains
Indians. The buffalo provided meat, hide for clothing, and
hooves for glue. The buffalo was considered sacred in many
traditions because it represented the ideal that when all was
in balance there was great abundance. When there was abundance,
prayer and thanksgiving were offered in gratitude.
Buffalo Associations
Direction: North and South
Elements: Earth and Fire
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