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The Secret Lives of Astrologers
06-10-2019, 06:45 AM
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The Secret Lives of Astrologers
Astrology – once a niche interest consigned to kooky aunts with multiple necklaces – has gone mainstream. Actually, it's gone more than mainstream: it's peaked. For those who subscribe, it's the litmus test for potential hook-ups, the basis for all the best meme accounts and the thing some of us like to blame when our lives take chaotic turns. But whether you believe the planets govern us or not, you'll agree that it's inescapable.

With some notable exceptions (Co-Star, the popular and vicious astrology app, claims its horoscopes are algorithmically generated), astrology is written by people. The rise in astrology’s popularity has meant that contemporary astrologers have more demands on their time – they write columns for mainstream publications (rather than just in the back of newspapers, or niche mags), speak at conferences, and many do one-on-one online readings.

Still, a lot of us don't know what actually goes into writing horoscopes – training as an astrologer often takes several years – meaning the whole thing still feels kind of mysterious.

Claire Comstock-Gay, who writes weekly horoscopes for the Cut, emphasises that different people use different methods. It’s not as if there’s one secret way to be an astrologer. "I'll look at what's in the sky for the upcoming week – so where each planet is located in the zodiac, where the planets are located in relation to each other and what phases the moon will be in – and use that information to write a message for each sign," she explains. "Mine focus much less on what to expect in a practical sense, and more on what to expect to happen with your moods and emotions in the upcoming week."
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