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I've put a spell on you
13-10-2019, 07:44 AM
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I've put a spell on you
Forget women cackling around a cauldron — today’s followers of paganism are more likely to offer you spiritual healing

My late husband Stewart and I brought Wicca to Ireland in 1976. We developed a way of practising that combined Irish tradition within the Wiccan framework we learned with the Sanders. With a few recent exceptions, nearly all of those who classify themselves as Wiccans in Ireland and their associated covens can trace their origins back to Stewart and myself.

We have written many books, the most influential of which are 'Eight Sabbats for Witches' and 'The Witches' Way'. They are now compiled as 'A Witches' Bible', which has been translated into at least four different languages and has become the standard reference book for Wiccans around the world.

As well as having an open group here in Ireland, Gavin and I have a regular study group in Italy and groups linked to us in the United States. I'm also a legal religious solemniser of marriages and perform passage rites for birth and death.

Our group, Teampall Na Callaighe, is an open training and support group for like-minded people. What's important to us is spiritual connection, so not everyone in it would classify themselves as a witch.

Gavin and myself have been in a normal, monogamous relationship since Stewart's death. When he was alive, there was a polyfidelitous relationship between myself, Stewart and Gavin. It was Stewart's decision to have this form of relationship because of the age difference – he was 83 when he died in 2000 and wanted to make sure I was looked after following his death.

In the past 10 years, we've been involved actively in public ceremonies, such as the annual torch-lit procession to top of the Hill of Ward, Tlaghta, every Samhain. While we're just as likely to do magical work in everyday clothing, we wear ceremonial cloaks and robes for particular occasions.
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