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Detroit ghost hunters share 5 scariest paranormal experiences
22-10-2019, 06:50 AM
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Detroit ghost hunters share 5 scariest paranormal experiences
It's October, one of our favorite times of the year!

When Todd and I started Detroit Paranormal Expeditions in 2016, we had no idea where this new journey would lead us.

The things we've seen, heard and felt has left us speechless at times. While we have had many experiences over the past three years, we want to share a few that have really stuck with us.

Here's a look at our top five scariest experiences.

5. Brandy's Shirt pulled in Eloise Psychiatric Hospital
While investigating on the first floor of Eloise Psychiatric Hospital, DPX psychic medium Brandy Marie, investigator Joseph Warner and guest investigator Angel Kay were conducting a spirit box session. The energy in the room began to feel heavy to everyone present, and Brandy began to sense a strong, negative male entity standing along the wall behind Joe and Angel.

Brandy turned to Angel to move away from the energy, but at that very moment, something bizarre happens to her left sleeve.

Video recording the moment captures what seems to be a tug on Brandy's sleeve at the exact moment she asks Angel to move away from that area, and in the same direction she felt the energy. Check out the video clip here.

4. Jeff and Todd's Attachment
In November of 2016, we traveled to Winchester, Indiana to investigate Randolph County Infirmary. It was a relatively quiet night investigating, and for a week afterward, everything seemed normal. Then, one night, that all changed.

I woke up one night, rolled over and reached for my phone. The screen lit up and it read 3:57 a.m. I looked towards the hallway leading directly to my room and saw a black, shadowy figure about my size speed walking down the hallway towards my bed. I could see through this translucent figure into my kitchen. I jumped out of bed, darted towards the door, turned around and it was gone. As I crawled back into bed, my hands were literally shaking.

Eventually, I fell back asleep.

The next few days would bring others strange events. My car was fairly-new at the time, and the battery died out of the blue. While not necessarily paranormal, it was strange. I got a jump and made it home. Once I got home, I hopped in the shower and when I was finished, I went to exit my bathroom and the door was locked.

There was just one problem. I lived alone and never locked my bathroom door. At that point, I knew something was up and called Todd to tell him what was going on. To my surprise, his brand new 2016 Dodge Ram truck battery had died for no apparent reason in the same week, and he had woken up to see a shadow figure standing next to his bed, similar to the experience I had.

Many other strange instances happened, including fogging over my eyes in pictures, which lasted all the way until September 2017. Check out the full story and see the pictures on our blog
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