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what do you think
24-10-2019, 10:28 PM
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what do you think
i m gonna list some things one lady I met who was my psychic for a while. see what you think.
1- first time I called her my ex and I had split she said hes not coming back you ll hear from him in feb but only as a friend. I didnt hear anything. got a letter with the car vosa in feb from him. that's it. never heard again.
2-had a row at work. went to disciplinary. called her about it. she said there will be a glitch in one of the statements. even I didnt know they d take statements. all were against me apart from one that saved my job. I was convinced I d lose my job, and only stayed on to see if she was correct. she was.
3- went for another job. called her about it. she said not that one, another one. informal interview, two people, people there you know. I went for this job, two people, as I said I looked on the wall for anyone I knew saw no one. when I got the job one of my gd friends worked there. the job didnt last though.
that's is pretty odd isnt it. the car vosa one was the weirdest as it was two months ahead of time
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