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theoria apothasis
25-10-2019, 03:39 AM
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theoria apothasis
there is a man on you tube. his name is theora apothasis. he is an expert on magnetism. he is a forward thinker, and science is yet to catch up with his ideas. his belief is the universe is magnetic/diaelectric. he claims black holes are magnetic. he is probably right as he is extremely clever. he has videos on metaphysics. he claims that new age stuff is debunk, so are mediums. he claims that the soul does not reside within the body. he seems to believe we are more the receivers of the soul. he does believe in the soul. I worked in science, so I can recommend his views. im sure you ve all heard of toroid's. this is where the shape of the dreamcatchers came from, for example, a torroid is a doughnut shape, as a black hole looks when photographed in infa red. a block hole behaves the exact same way as a magnet does. so a dream catcher is toroidal to suck the spirits through! interesting isnt it. hes quite hard to follow but very clever. look him up, and google any words you dont understand. he also, does not believe in free will
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