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The Dawning Aeon of the Child: Personal Thoughts & Reflections
16-11-2019, 09:27 AM
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The Dawning Aeon of the Child: Personal Thoughts & Reflections
In 1904, while visiting Cairo with his wife Rose, the English occultist Aleister Crowley received a text known as The Book of the Law via direct voice transmission. He described its author as “a messenger from the forces ruling this earth at present.” Three one-hour sessions over a three-day period resulted in 220 verses announcing a New Aeon with a New Law for mankind – a changing of the guard of the spiritual hierarchy ruling the planet. The Book of the Law proclaims a new era in ethics, morality, culture, and science.

Crowley insisted The Book of the Law proved the first postulate of religion, the existence of Higher Consciousness independent of the human brain and body. He would spend the next 43 years of his life explaining and proclaiming its message and significance in all his writings.

An inspiring, mysterious, and poetic text, devotees of The Book of the Law interpret its message as the sole rule and guide of their lives. Many have found it fulfils that role admirably, never failing to provide insight and direction when called upon.

We must then ask ourselves: What does the inauguration of a New Aeon mean? I remember a cynical comedian from my childhood. He called himself “the Old Philosopher” and had recorded a funny rant on a 45rpm record, mocking the celebrations of the New Year. His pitch was something like, “New what? New worries, new problems? I’d rather have out with the New and in with the Old because I am familiar with the Old!” I remember laughing with my parents as I first became aware of the irony of the dual-edged nature of progress. Looking at the New Aeon from my perspective today, I am acutely conscious of that irony in a manner that I was not when I took my first steps on this path a half century ago.

This new Aeon of the Child (Horus) follows that of the Father (Osiris) and the Mother (Isis). While Crowley spoke of these aeons as 2,000-year periods – seemingly corresponding to the astrological divisions of the Precession of the Equinoxes – I think they may best be understood as longer term symbolic constructs rather than calendrical dating systems. The aeons appear to be indicators of larger cultural and historical trends by which human progress and evolution may be understood and identified.

The Aeon of the Mother (Isis) is characterised as a time of unity with Nature, the ascendant Priestess, intuition over intellect, before the widespread use of writing and even language, the Palaeolithic period. Hunter-gatherers searching throughout the land, moving where directed by the patterns of rainfall, weather and soil fertility, maintaining a synchronous and harmonious relation with the environment that bespoke a oneness and lack of separation. Cave dwelling and the building of rudimentary shelters, individual and communal skirmishes, the fears of the night assuaged by the introduction of fire, the opening of the sciences by the charting of the heavens. Paganism reigned as the spiritual answer to the questions of existence. The many gods who controlled the world were appealed to with intention and sincerity that embodied the fervour, fear, and gratitude of a dependent human being, the Babe sustained at the Breast of the All.
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