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17-11-2019, 02:41 AM (This post was last modified: 17-11-2019 02:51 AM by Summer.)
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in oldl days, before modern science, technology etc, people thought the universe revolved around the earth. as time went on, we learnt that wasn't true. in ancient times, they would sacrifice people to the gods, they thought eclipses were a sign from god. and science progressed we realised what caused these things. from the evidence, it seems psychic phenomena is the same. physicists are learning more about time, and about the universe, some modern scientists, believe gravity does not exist, and everything is magnetic. light doesnt travel, science progresses. science isnt always right, but the good thing about it, is it can be proven to a certain degree with evidence. it seems we are learning and there are studies, that it is possible to see future events, and its something to do with time, no one is sure how this works, but theres a consensus that it is something to do with an innate part of our brain that we dont use anymore. in ancient times, to find our tribe from a distance, or to keep us safe from danger, we would have used this part of our brain more. but modern times, less danger, and we stopped using it. so much. there are experiements with children who are taught to see without their eyes, you can look it up they re blindfolded and encouraged to use their third eye. they can drive go karts, catch balls etc. it seems, because in medieval times, or history, people had this innate natural skill, but once again, things we couldn't explain we give a spiritual context to. so they would burn people for being witches etc. I do believe a lot of people who think they are psychic, as we all are naturally, think its a gift from god, or a gift from their guides etc, its not its just an innate ability. it also takes a lot of training to develop it properly. so very very few people on these lines can do it. I ve looked at a lot of ndes too, a lot correlate, and so I guess further study for whether there is proof for life after death is needed, but its silly to believe in a concept that cannot be proven as fact. until people are properly trained in this area, you re just throwing yr money away. as I said before, out of the thousands of psychics I ve used, the few who were good, we remote viewing. they saw what was coming yes, but it didnt change the outcome of the situation. it s like when you have a dream and see and event. it was more a skill to protect us from danger I believe. whether our lives are predestined or not, logic is the best way to live your life. I ve spoken to some lovely people who are on these lines in my time, convinced they are talking from the angelic realms etc, when its very likely they re not, they just think they are. I ve looked up some amazing nde stories, I live in hope, but until we can prove it, its just an idea. loads read my current situation to a t, and you think god they re amazing ! they know exactly whats going on! you spend yr money and time on someone telling you what you know already! its even worse when someone gets stuff right for a while, and then get s something wrong. a lot of it is suggestion. its a terrible thing really
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