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Treadwells New Books
01-12-2019, 08:33 AM
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Treadwells New Books

Treadwells New Books Winter 2019

33 Store Street, Bloomsbury London, WC1E 7BS

020 7419 8507

Dear Friend of Treadwell's,

Winter is setting in, short days and long nights. Perfect tea, blanket and a book weather! We have gathered together a lovely little collection for you, lots of new books as well as some beautiful new editions of old classics. We have a great selection for gifts, treats and seasonal splashes. We post everywhere in the world and if you order right away, you will get ahead of the Christmas postal rush.

All the very best,

Will, Christina, Esther, Carl, Coco and all of the Treadwell's Team

book of the week
We have a great collection or rare editions currently in stock so do come by the store and have a look before they are gone.

Triumph of the Moon
Twentieth Anniversary Edition - signed
Ronald Hutton
This first full-scale study of modern pagan witchcraft charts the coalescence of of ideas and practice which gave rise to Wicca, starting in the 1800s. It brings together a diverse cast of characters, from village cunning folk, Victorian high magicians,freemasons, and literary figures from D.H. Lawrence to Dennis Wheatley. This handsome twentieth-anniversary edition incorporates new research and further reflections in a completely re-written final chapter. A fascinating and eminently readable book. Type is large and readable -- font size is a problem in the paperbacks, we know.

Treadwells is hosting a signing in store on Wed 18th December. Signed copies ordered for postal delivery will be sent out on Friday 20th December. We cannot guarantee arrival before December 25th.

Price: £25.00 (signed copy) Buy now

New books this week
Here's a small selection of our selection of new and recommended books, items we think you may like. Full details of each book (and sometimes more photos) are visible when you click the 'buy now' link. You can directly visit our website to find the full range of our online stock which is waiting to be discovered.

Dr. Thomas K. Johnson
This comprehensive, scholarly survey of Swedish black art books, that is to say, hand-bound volumes in which rural and metropolitan healers and sorcerers recorded their spells, rituals, and potions, dating from the 17th century onwards. This monumental study includes complete translations of texts, plus an examination of folk beliefs about the books, and an exhaustive analysis of their content - the spells, charms, talismans and plant magics used by Swedish magicians. A tremendous work of scholarship which sheds new light on Scandinavian magical procedures from the Early Modern period and subsequent centuries.

Price: £39.99 Full info and purchase

Mystai (Signed)
Peter Mark Adams
Subtitled Dancing Out the Mysteries of Dionysus, this new release from Scarlet Imprint studies the the cult behind the Dionysian-themed frescoes of Pompeii's Villa of the Mysteries. Drawing on the very latest scholarship, philology, and the comparative ethnography of initiatory ritual. Peter Mark Adams provides a vivid performative analysis of how the frescoes show a rite of theurgic initiation. This is a work of exploratory research and imaginative scholarship, beautifully presented with full-colour and monochrome images. A must for anyone who wants to probe deeper into the initiatory and ritual mysteries of the ancient world.

Price: £60.00 (Signed copy) Full info and purchase

Foundations of Practical Sorcery
​Gary St. Michael Nottingham
This book brings together the works of Gary St. Michael Nottingham on grimoire magic for the contemporary practitioner. Nottingham is a British practitioner whose experience ranges over decades, and who has a firm commitment to active work in this tradition. The book forms a guide for the serious newcomer who wants to progress and practice with focus and attention. The book shows the reader how to make and use talismans such as those as found in the Key of Solomon, how to practice geomancy,and how to work the theurgical procedures of the Goetia. It also covers the kabbalistic Tree of Life, magic mirrors and shewstones. An important and truly useful guide to those wanting in-depth guidance in the medieval and goetic strands of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Price: £65.00 Full info and purchase

Suspira III
The Vampire Issue
Suspira magazine celebrates the macabre and horrific depths of the human psyche through a feminist lens. Each themed issue is devoted to a particular manifestation of archetypal fear. This third issue, devoted to the vampire, revels in the violent, the sensual and the Other. Bringing together fierce, provocative prose and haunting photography, it is a gloriously vivid flowering of the vampiric impulse in popular and esoteric culture, from Sheridan Le Fanu's Camilla to Bufy the Vampire Slayer. A feast for the senses and the sensuous, Suspira goes places where other journals fear to tread.

Price: £12.00 Full info and purchase

Aleister Crowley Early Poetic Works
Christian Giudice
This new book from the newly-formed Kamuret Press studies Crowley as a young poet, and examines four of his early poetic productions: Aceldama: A Place to Bury Strangers In, Jezebel and Other Tragic Poems, Songs of the Spirit and The Tale of Archais: A Romance in Verse. These works, written when Crowley was a Cambridge Undergraduate, reveal the story of his love affair with actor and female impersonator Jerome Pollitt. The twin themes of homosexual love and spiritual yearning paint a magnificent picture of a poet confronting taboos and seeking spiritual truths. With an introduction by Henrik Bodgan, Chris Giudice's book sheds much new light on Crowley's early passions, and finds a place for him as one of the British Decadents.

Price: £25.00 Full info and purchase

States of the Body Produced by Love
Nisha Ramaya
States of the Body Produced by Love is a modern mystical journey; a conjuration of an opalescent world of Tantric ritual and myth. Weaving together essays and sublime, haunting, poetic reflections, Nisha Ramaya unfolds for the reader the world of the Mahavidyas, a group of Tantric goddesses who embody different aspects of the divine feminine. Here are fierce meditations on diasporic identity, language, resistance, and the many shades of feeling from grief to bliss. A beautiful work of well-chosen words for explorations of dream, devotion and loss.

Price: £12.99 Full info and purchase

Moon Lore
Tomothy Harley (limited edn)
This classic of worldwide moon folklore, first published 1885, has been re-issued in a handsome limited clothbound edition. Hardback, with silver foil design on the covers and new but formal typesetting, make it a beautiful object as well as a valuable resource for all moon lovers. Topics include Moon as female deity, as male deity, and the moon as an animal -- toad, hare , and other moon myths from around the globe. It contains a full and extensive treatment, following this, on moon superstitions including pieces of folk magic. A wonderful gift.

Price: £50.00 Full info and purchase

Cat Call
Kristen J. Sollée
This is a new book by Kristen J. Sollée, author of the highly-acclaimed Witches, Sluts, Feminists. Cat Call is a wild and untamed history of the cat archetype in myth and magic, providing a vibrant and provocative view of the shared world of women and cats. Prowling through myth, history, literature, pop culture and science, and drawing together threads as diverse as Aristotle and British light entertainment comedies, Sollée provides a bewitching and irreverent vision of unapologetic female and feline power.

Price: £12.99 Full info and purchase

Liber 420
Chris Bennett
Liber 420, subtitled Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult is a thorough and ground-breaking examination of the importance of Cannabis in Alchemy, medieval and renaissance magic, and beyond. Covering topics such as the cannabis as religious sacrament, the hashishin, grimoires such as the Picatrix and The Book of Oberon, Chris Bennett uncovers a wealth of evidence to support his claim that cannabis has played a central role in the Western Mystery, including both ceremonial magic and Freemasonry. A fascinatiing book for anyone interested in psychoactive substances and hidden histories, Liber 420 is an amazing work of scholarship.

Price: £33.99 Full info and purchase

Arcanum Bestiarum
Robert Fitzgerald
Written from the perspective of Cultus Sabbati witchcraft, the book treats the occult virtues a of fifty animals, complete with their aracana and potencies. Special attention is given to animals forms in alchemy,. We also meet the animals' presence in shamanism and witchcraft, where they appear as spirit-helpers and familars. The book has 55 original woodcut illustrations by artist Liv Rainey-Smith and is illustrated throughout. Subtitled, 'Of the Subtil and Occult Virtues of Divers Beasts', it has a dark, edgy feel we associate with the sabbatic witchraft current. Author Robert Fitzgerald has worked in the ecological field of wildlife rehabilitation, which lends the work yet another form of intimate depth.

Price: £46.99 Full info and purchase

Bulwer-Lytton: Occult Personality
John S. Moore
Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton (1788-1824) was a best-selling novelist and a central figure in the esoteric world of the nineteenth-century. In Bulwer-Lytton: Occult Personality - A Graphic Introduction, John S. Moore places the writings and achievements of this ninteenth-century magus into historical context, exploring the influences on his works, and how those works - such as his novels Zanoni and The Coming Race, shaped esoteric thought. Employing a wealth of diverse illustrative styles, this book offers a new perspective on the Victorian world and its occult undercurrents, and shows how Bulwer-Lytton's lasting influence continues to this day.

Price: £20.00 Full info and purchase
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