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1 of many What's behind the rise of paganism in 2019?
13-12-2019, 02:40 PM
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1 of many What's behind the rise of paganism in 2019?
We have recently been surprised to discover that people have been ordering our MODERN PAGANS book. We wonder why this would be happening all of a sudden—maybe there's something in the air?!

Maybe with the rise of right-wing religion all over the planet comes a countervailing antidote: to RE/discover the ORIGINAL IMPULSES which led humanity to ask PRIMAL QUESTIONS, like—

1) What's the "meaning" of life?

2) Why are all the species (plants, animals, minerals, humans) here?

3) How did HUMANS come to dominate the earth?

4) How can humans live in harmony with all other life forms sharing the "environment", to ensure continuance into the far future?

5) Can all of the above be aided and abetted by regular "gatherings" and even, "rituals"?!?

6) How can dogmatism, fascism, oppressive-hierarchy and ALL abhorrent "isms" be kept at bay, forever?

The goal of MODERN PAGANS was to provide a philosophical alternative to the propaganda set forth by the three "religions of the book" (we all know what they are; many of us were indoctrinated by one of 'em).

We discovered it seemed to be "fun" to gather in "Pagan Grove" in Golden Gate Park and pay homage to the "forces of Nature" affecting our lives on planet Earth: the Sun, Water, Wind, the Four Directions, etc.

It was fun to share potluck food afterwards. Children seemed to enjoy various ritual aspects, too—especially the "Easter Egg Hunt" which everyone knows once had a "Pagan" origin.

We tried hard to include concepts gathered from "Pagan" groups all over the earth—not just America. A "Pagan" gathering at Stonehenge is shown on page one! Various aesthetics of dress and diet are reported; this is a culture of daily life, after all.

In our present celebrity culture of overwhelming distraction and trivialization, maybe a bit of "back-to-basics" attentiveness might not be a "bad thing".

We at RE/Search are against "labels" of any kind, but hope that MODERN PAGANS (like Modern Primitives) will expose readers to ancient ideas, experiments, and practices which may have been somewhat forgotten (or, never even known before). After all, life itself is a continuing work-in-progress!

As a companion to the book, RE/Search's Marian Wallace made a 30-minute film called Modern Pagans: Views and Interviews. The film is super rare and has hardly ever been screened. In the film, Vale and John Sulak speak with Genesis P-Orridge, Deborah "Oak" Cooper, Darryl Cherney, Jack Davis, and Oberon Ravenheart. Topics discussed include activism, technology, polytheism, and ecology.

Anybody who orders Modern Pagans before next Wednesday at midnight will get an added bonus—we'll send you a link to watch the rare Modern Pagans film.

(Once I receive confirmation of your order, I'll manually email you the secret link to the Modern Pagans film.)

Here's the link:

V. Vale
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